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We're here to make low carb living as enjoyable, positive and inspiring as possible. We've pulled together everything you need to stay motivated and focused, whether that's a delicious low carb reicpe or an Atkins success story.


Atkins meal plans

Looking for some meal inspiration? Our meal plans are designed to help you create tasty low carb meals that will give you a perfect variety of choice over the course of two weeks. What's even better is that you can mix and match meals to create a plan that suits your own tastes - it's the perfect way to enjoy a low carb diet.

Download our meal plans below to be well on your way to living a low carb lifestyle! 

Meal plan phase 1 - week 1

Meal plan phase 1 - week 2

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Atkins blog

“Change of lifestyle”

“I am now 55 kilograms and I never feel like I’m ‘on a diet’. I’ve just made a lifestyle change and the result goes way beyond my success on the scales."

Natalie, 35

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“Relatively simple”

“I can now enjoy fashionable high street clothes as opposed to the huge sizes I had to wear before. I’ve even lost a shoe size!"

Paul, 43

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“So much happier”

“The weight loss has given me more confidence than I ever had before. When I was big I used to feel invisible, thinking that because of my size people didn’t see me."

Stephanie, 49

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Low carb your day

Our Atkins food range supports your low carb lifestyle with tasty reduced carb options that fit seamlessly into your day.


Start the day as you mean to go on with a delicious reduced carb breakfast.

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Whether it’s a quick bite or long, lazy lunch, we’ve got it covered.

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Feeling a bit peckish? Try our reduced carb, guilt-free snacks.

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